Determine Your Priorities (Inside & Outside Your Home)

Determine Your Priorities

We are continuing to dig a little deeper into the hows of the not so busy life. Two weeks ago I shared that when you’re looking to make life less busy consider 2 broad areas of your life: life inside and outside your home. By dividing your life into these 2 areas and then evaluating the busyness of each, you can determine which area of your life might need more attention. For some of us, both areas can use a tune-up, so just pick whichever might be easiest to tackle first.

After determining which area you will tackle first, it’s now time to consider your priorities. Do the things you fill your time and your day with reflect those priorities? When we consider our priorities we can better fill our days, weeks, and months.

Grab a piece of paper and pen, find a quiet place to sit, and reflect on your priorities. You will use these priorities to help shape life inside and outside your home.


In a prior post I shared that my main priorities are:

  • my relationship with God
  • loving other people (family, friends, neighbors, people I meet, etc.) by reaching out, serving, encouraging, etc.

These are my overarching priorities, and there are many lesser priorities that also direct how I fill my days.

It will be your main priorities that shape your minor priorities that then shape the way you manage life inside and outside of your home.

What are your priorities inside the home: a tidy home? a home that is guest ready? a clean kitchen (and let the rest go)? dinner at home 4-5 nights a week? a peaceful environment? less clutter and more space?


These are just ideas. I don’t know what desires and priorities you have for inside your home. We’re all different but determining what you want life inside your home to look like will help determine how you spend your time in this area of your life.

What about priorities outside the home: do you want to be active in the community? are you looking to have your children involved in many extracurricular activities? are you hoping for more space on your calendar? is family time a desire? do you want to be more involved in your children’s school?


Again, each of us will have different thoughts and ideas about what life outside our home should look like. Do the hard work of really determining your priorities (and not those of the people around you), and see how and what you are doing outside of your home lines up with those priorities.

I hope that this post has encouraged you to do some deep thinking. I hope it has given you some of ideas for practical steps in the pursuit of the not so busy life.

What about you? Have you taken the time to consider your priorities? I would love to hear from you regarding this topic, so leave me a comment below!

Until next time,

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Are You Looking to Make Life Less Busy? Consider These 2 Areas of Your Life

Looking to Make Life Less Busy_Consider These 2 Areas of Your Life-1

Today is the beginning of what will be a few posts looking more closely at the “hows” of the not so busy life.

If you have been thinking more deeply about the need and desire for a life that is just a little less busy then you might be wondering where to start.

I think the easiest thing to do when making this step forward is to begin by considering two broad areas of your life: life outside and life inside your home. It’s a simple step (perhaps not easy) that causes you to stop and reflect.

Life Outside Your Home


This might be where people generally point when thinking about the busyness of life. It’s a good place to look. Look at life outside your home.

How full is your calendar? How crazy is your month? And does that crazy month just lead to another crazy month? Are you spending hours upon hours driving here, there, and everywhere? What types of activities fill your days and weeks? What outside-of-the-house activities really seem to drain you?

Those are a wide-variety of questions to consider, but they are helpful in “taking the temperature” of your life outside the home.

Life Inside Your Home


I would say it is less common to look inside the home when considering the busyness of life, but it can play a role in the overall condition of your life.

Do you always feel “behind”? Is your home a source of stress? Are your to-do lists mounting? Do you feel burdened by the tasks that lay before you? Are you overwhelmed by household chores? Are you spending more time than you would like on the care and upkeep of your home? Do you spend many of your days simply managing your stuff?

Again, it’s an array of questions to ask yourself, but perhaps, as you do, the busyness of your home life will be revealed.

Find Your Busy

It might become quickly apparent which area of your life, outside or inside your home, is the main source of busyness. If you can pinpoint one as the major trouble area, start there. If they both seem equally busy to you, then just pick either (or perhaps the one that seems like you will tackle with more ease).

And tackle you will…

I won’t get into the specifics quite yet. I am saving that for my next post, but I wanted to get you started on separating your life into these 2 broad categories.

So, take a bit of time in the next few days to carefully consider these 2 broad areas of your life. Where do you find yourself to be most busy? Identifying the area is a good start!

What about you? Which area of your life seems to be the bigger source of busyness? I would love to hear from you, so drop me a comment below!

Until next time,

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Not So Busy is Not So Popular (And I’m OK with That)

not so busy is not so popular

My blog went live just about a year ago. My thoughts and feelings about pursuing a full life without all the busy have been rolling around in my brain and heart for much longer than that. I did know and do know that perhaps the pursuit of the not so busy life is not as popular as another blog theme would be.

It’s true.

You see, if I called this blog The Very Busy Mom or The Life of the Busy Mom then I might get more readers and followers. The online world and the advertising world appeal to this idea of the busy mom all the time. It’s not uncommon to find articles and posts with titles similar to the following:

10 Cleaning Tips for the Busy Mom

5 Life Hacks for the Busy Mom

How the Busy Mom Can Make the Most of Her Day

Meal Ideas that will Inspire the Busy Mom

I know that posts like those attract many people. In fact, they probably attract many more people than my posts with titles such as:

5 Ways to Be Just a Little Less Busy This Week

A New Year, A New Not So Busy You

4 Traits of the Not So Busy Mom

My Problem with the Busy Mom

My posts are for the woman pursuing a life that’s not so busy. My posts are for the mom who desires to live with intention without getting caught up in the busy. My posts are for the person who is looking to live out her priorities on purpose and with purpose.

My posts might not be as popular. Not so busy is not so popular, and I’m okay with that.

A lot of times some of the most important and necessary ideas aren’t that popular. And because my desire for a life that’s just a little less busy is not as popular as the busy mom, well, it just gives me all the more opportunity for people to pause and consider a different way.


I hope that my readers find that I have something new and encouraging to say.

I hope that my readers hear a new voice with a challenging perspective.

I hope that my readers discover fresh words for the not so busy life.

Not so busy is not so popular (and I’m OK with that). I hope you are too!

What about you? Does the “not so busy life” appeal to you even if it’s not so popular? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Until next time,

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Is the Not So Busy Mom Lazy?

is the not so busy mom lazy

I often wonder if people see the term “not so busy” and think “lazy”. I mean, how can someone call themselves “not so busy” in this crazy world we live in? Not so busy just can’t be a reality. Everyone is busy. It’s just the way things are, and we have to jump on the busy bus with everyone else.

Don’t we?

Isn’t any other choice just being lazy?

A first glance at not so busy might conjure up thoughts of saying no to everything. It might create this idea of a bland life that only considers the needs of itself. Maybe it sounds boring or wasteful. Maybe it sounds way too slow. Perhaps it sparks a picture of a lazy life.

For me, all of this is so far from the truth.

The not so busy mom is not lazy. The not so busy mom is intentional.

Living a life of intention means considering thoughtfully how you spend your days. Living a life of intention means not filling your calendar with particular activities just because that’s what you see everyone around you doing. Living with intention means valuing your life, each day, as a gift that should be handled carefully.

I don’t want to live a lazy life. Although I am okay with a slower pace. I’m also okay with not looking like everyone else. I’m good with making choices based on my priorities. I’m very happy to pursue a full life without all the busy. I don’t want to waste my days, but I also don’t want to fill them with things just for the sake of filling them.

Intention. That’s the word.

It’s the word I choose to use, and it’s the word I would invite you to consider as you pursue the not so busy life.

Everything (and everyone) around you will scream, “Do it all. Don’t stop. Drive yourself crazy. Be busy. Don’t slow down. Go, go, go.”

You’ll choose otherwise and wonder if you’re missing out. You’ll choose not so busy and think that maybe you’ll be looked down upon by others.

It’s okay. You know that’s not true. You know that you are choosing to let go of the busy, and live a full life. You know that your life has purpose, and you are going to choose wisely.

Not so busy isn’t really about the “not”.

It’s about what you are choosing to do…to be.


What about you? What do you think of when you hear “not so busy”? Are you drawn to living a life that is less busy than those around you? Drop me a comment below; I would love to hear from you!

Until next time,

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One Simple Thing You Can Do To Make This School Year Less Busy

It’s September, and the start of the school year can definitely be a hectic time for many people, and for some, it’s just the beginning of a whole long year of events and activities. Many parents start the school year thinking, “Maybe this year will be a little less busy!”. Some ask themselves, “How can we do things differently this year?”. Then the year begins, and somehow it’s like all the other years…it’s busy.

I want to share one simple thing you can do to make this school year a little less busy.


Are you ready? It’s simple.

If you want to be just a little less busy this school year, stop looking at everyone else!!

How often do we look at everyone else? All the time!

Now I think you might know what I mean by “looking at everyone else”. If not, let me explain. You see, we spend a lot of time looking at what other families are doing. We notice what they are involved in, how they spend their time, and how they fill their calendars. We chat with other moms, and we learn all about what is going on in their social life. We overhear the parents at the bus stop talking about all the extracurricular activities their children are involved in this school year. We scroll through Facebook and notice all the fun outings our friends and neighbors are taking each weekend. We’re looking at everyone else.

Yes, we’re looking at everyone else, and it’s making us busy. Why? We think we need to do what we see or hear everyone else doing.

But here’s a wonderful, freeing truth: You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. You’re not them, and they’re not you.

In order to be just a little less busy you need to consider your priorities, and use those to shape your families’ choices. We tend to let other people choose for us. We often make our decisions based on what we see others doing without much thought about what might be best for our situation and our family.

I find so much inspiration and encouragement from other moms and other families; I think that it is good to learn from others. I love chatting with other moms and finding out how they run their homes or how they tackle various problems (both big and small). I cherish the time I get to spend with my friends sharing stories and finding out about their family life.

Let’s learn from each other, let’s grow and be challenged, but let’s not mindlessly make certain choices for our family just because that’s what we see everyone else doing.

Almost everyone else around us looks busy…and they are. Perhaps you can choose another way. Maybe you and your family can pursue the full life (without all the busy).

full life

Take this school year and really look inside. Look inside your heart (considering your priorities and values). Look inside your home (considering the needs of you and your family). Stop looking at everyone else and just see if perhaps this school year can be a little less busy.

What about you? What are you doing this school year to make it less busy for you and your family? I would love to hear from you, so drop me a comment below!

Until next time,


5 Reasons You Might Be Busy

How often have you heard someone say (and that someone might be you), “Everyone is just so busy!” or “We’re all just busy people!”? I know I certainly hear it all the time. Busy has almost become a buzz word of sorts. But why all the busy? Is this just a reality of the world we live in? Can we truly be “not so busy” in this day and age? Why are we busy people in a busy world?

I think the answers to these questions are multilayered, but I also think there are some very basic reasons someone might be busy.

Today I am sharing 5 reasons you might be busy.


1. You like to go, go, go.

I have heard plenty of people say, “I like to keep busy!”. Some people love to be involved in a wide variety of activities and enjoy attending numerous events. Many people love to get involved and get their children involved in as much as they can. I don’t know that a “keeping busy” lifestyle is all bad (and I’m not going to say it’s all good), but I do think that there is a place to check this tendency because it could mean that…

2. You are afraid of the silence.

This might be the hardest reason of all 5 to write about. We are not people who like silence. In silence we are left alone with our own thoughts. In silence we have to face the truth. Some of us don’t want to think about our purpose in life or even our purpose in a given day. Many of us are running from pain and anxiety, so we fill up our days with a bunch of to-do lists in the hopes of escaping the silence.

3. You have a hard time saying no.

If you struggle with saying no (and this is a struggle of mine) than you will quickly find yourself being busy in a wide variety of areas. It can be hard to say no because we feel like we are going to disappoint or hurt someone. We want to please those around us, so we say yes without much consideration of our priorities. Saying yes when we should be saying no can lead to a very busy life.

4. Everyone around you is busy.

I believe busy is contagious. If everyone around you is busy or you perceive that everyone around you is busy than you might be tempted to jump on the busy train. If all the moms around you are talking about everything their children are participating in then you may feel that signing up for the same activities is just what you’ll have to do. You see the busy life of those around you and you, too, join in on it.

5. You don’t believe there is any other way.

If busy is what you see and busy is what you know than you might believe there is no other way. You might believe that busy is just the “name of the game”. You might think that in order to get through this thing called motherhood than you need to be busy and just be okay with that. You believe that “busy mom” is the title you will carry for years to come. It’s inevitable, and you just go with it. You believe there is no other way, and so you are busy.


Today’s post is not a post of solutions. You will find plenty of inspiration, ideas and encouragement in previous (and upcoming) posts, but I did want today’s post to prompt reflection in my readers. If you find yourself always busy, take some time to consider why. Read through this list and see if one of the reasons jumps out at you. If you’re hoping to make a change, read through my previous posts and stick around for more!

What about you? Do you know why you might be busy? I would love to hear your thoughts, so drop me a comment below!

Until next time,

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