5 Reasons You Might Be Busy

How often have you heard someone say (and that someone might be you), “Everyone is just so busy!” or “We’re all just busy people!”? I know I certainly hear it all the time. Busy has almost become a buzz word of sorts. But why all the busy? Is this just a reality of the world we live in? Can we truly be “not so busy” in this day and age? Why are we busy people in a busy world?

I think the answers to these questions are multilayered, but I also think there are some very basic reasons someone might be busy.

Today I am sharing 5 reasons you might be busy.


1. You like to go, go, go.

I have heard plenty of people say, “I like to keep busy!”. Some people love to be involved in a wide variety of activities and enjoy attending numerous events. Many people love to get involved and get their children involved in as much as they can. I don’t know that a “keeping busy” lifestyle is all bad (and I’m not going to say it’s all good), but I do think that there is a place to check this tendency because it could mean that…

2. You are afraid of the silence.

This might be the hardest reason of all 5 to write about. We are not people who like silence. In silence we are left alone with our own thoughts. In silence we have to face the truth. Some of us don’t want to think about our purpose in life or even our purpose in a given day. Many of us are running from pain and anxiety, so we fill up our days with a bunch of to-do lists in the hopes of escaping the silence.

3. You have a hard time saying no.

If you struggle with saying no (and this is a struggle of mine) than you will quickly find yourself being busy in a wide variety of areas. It can be hard to say no because we feel like we are going to disappoint or hurt someone. We want to please those around us, so we say yes without much consideration of our priorities. Saying yes when we should be saying no can lead to a very busy life.

4. Everyone around you is busy.

I believe busy is contagious. If everyone around you is busy or you perceive that everyone around you is busy than you might be tempted to jump on the busy train. If all the moms around you are talking about everything their children are participating in then you may feel that signing up for the same activities is just what you’ll have to do. You see the busy life of those around you and you, too, join in on it.

5. You don’t believe there is any other way.

If busy is what you see and busy is what you know than you might believe there is no other way. You might believe that busy is just the “name of the game”. You might think that in order to get through this thing called motherhood than you need to be busy and just be okay with that. You believe that “busy mom” is the title you will carry for years to come. It’s inevitable, and you just go with it. You believe there is no other way, and so you are busy.


Today’s post is not a post of solutions. You will find plenty of inspiration, ideas and encouragement in previous (and upcoming) posts, but I did want today’s post to prompt reflection in my readers. If you find yourself always busy, take some time to consider why. Read through this list and see if one of the reasons jumps out at you. If you’re hoping to make a change, read through my previous posts and stick around for more!

What about you? Do you know why you might be busy? I would love to hear your thoughts, so drop me a comment below!

Until next time,

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5 Ways to be Just a Little Less Busy This Week

If you’re new to my blog or even if you’ve been following for awhile now, you might be thinking that this not so busy life is just a pie-in-the-sky kind of idea that sounds good but really isn’t possible. I promise you, it is more than just a dreamy idea. There are choices, both big and small, you can make to pursue a life that’s just a little less busy. The full life without all the busy will take effort on your part, but it will be worth it. A step in the right direction can even begin today!

Today I am sharing 5 ways you can be just a little less busy this week!


Take a walk.

Something happens when you (literally) walk away from your normal surroundings. You leave behind all those projects and tasks staring you in the face. You move away from a lot of the noise (both literal and figurative) and breathe in fresh air. Walking is a great way to clear your mind and think new thoughts. I try to walk or run each day for about 30 minutes. For me, this time consists of thinking, praying and listening to a few minutes of a podcast. I always return from my walk in a better frame of mind than when I headed out the door. Things that seemed urgent suddenly don’t seem that way anymore. Worries that weighed on my heart seem a little lighter. Take a walk this week, move away from the busy and return refreshed with a new perspective!


Have a play date with a friend.

We schedule play dates for our children, but what about us? We need time with friends, too. It’s funny how we can get so caught up in being busy and running here, there, and everywhere that we truly don’t make time for people. Schedule time with a friend this week. Meet for coffee (or if you’re like me, then meet for tea). Take a walk together. Maybe even try out a new restaurant. Keep it simple, but just do it. We need each other more than we need to get one more task done. Making time for a friend will benefit you and them.


Put down your phone.

Yes, the good old phone, sometimes it needs to be put down. Our phones are super helpful and fun for so many different reasons, but they are also a source of stress and busyness. I believe we have this fear of “missing out” if we aren’t checking our phone, but the truth is the exact opposite. Life is right in front of us, and we miss out on that life when we spend so much time staring at our phones. Leave the busyness of the online world this week, and enjoy the people and places surrounding you.


Cross one thing off your to-do list or calendar.

Go ahead, cross something off. And not because you completed it. Cross it off because you want to make a little more breathing room in your week. Cross it off, and add space to your week. Sometimes we try to jam as much as we can into one day, one week. Our calendar gets overstuffed, and we arrive at the weekend exhausted and cranky. Give yourself permission to make this week a little less busy by crossing one thing off your list or calendar!


Do something for someone else.

You might be thinking, “But doesn’t that just make me more busy?”. Yes…and no. You see, as much as we hate to admit it, much of our busyness focuses on ourselves and our families. That’s not all bad, but it’s not all good either. Sometimes we get so caught up in ourselves and our own situations that we forget those around us. This week make some muffins for a neighbor. Send a note of encouragement to your friend. Bring a meal to the new family in town. You’ll notice that all of a sudden all of your pressing tasks won’t seem so pressing when the focus is outward instead of inward.


Choose 1 (or all 5) of these this week, and see if you find a little more space in your life. Here’s to a week (and a life) that’s just a little less busy!!

What about you? Did anything on this list strike you today? What will you do to make this week a little less busy? I would love to hear your thoughts, so drop me a comment below!

Until next time,


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When a Busy Season becomes a Busy Life


“It’s been a busy season.”

“What a busy season!!”

“Sorry, it’s been such a busy season.”

“We’re just coming out of a really busy season.”

These are all things you have probably heard people say or perhaps you have said them.

I would define a “busy season” as a period of time that is marked by a greater-than-normal number of activities and/or events. It’s definitely a term that is thrown around a lot. The term is probably used correctly, but it tends to lose its meaning when used frequently.

You see, a busy season is supposed to be a period of time, but it seems as though these periods of time are becoming longer and longer and merging into one another.

I just recently heard a mom talk about the craziness of the spring and stopped to consider her words. I was very curious to hear why she ultimately referred to the spring as “crazy busy”.  She went on to describe the increase in activities, invites, and events at the end of the school year. Everything she said did reflect a crazy time of the year, but I had to pause and wonder…

What about the fall? Don’t people consider the fall, the start of the school year, busy?

What about the months leading up to the holidays? Those are crazy. Right?

Oh, yes, and then the actual holidays, those are definitely busy. That’s what everyone says.

Then there are those few months after the holiday season. Can we call those “less busy”? Maybe.

Oh, now we’re back to spring. Crazyville.

Summer. That’s a slow time. Right?…I think so. I hope so.

Then when digging deeper we realize that we often call life with little ones a busy season. When our kids start going to school we enter another busy season. Life with teenagers is often labeled as busy.

Do you see? One busy season quickly leads to another.

There have been and will be busy seasons in life (although it’s not something I’m aiming for). I just don’t want one busy season to lead to a bunch of busy seasons which leads to an overall busy life. I do not want to get to the end of my life, look back, and remember my life as busy.

If you feel like every season of life is a busy season then I believe you have 2 choices: 1) Stop the craziness (aka the busyness) or 2) Stop calling everything you do “busy”. Life is full of events and activities, people and projects, opportunities to serve and needs to meet. We don’t have to label it all as busy. Sometimes we call busy that which is simply life.

Make sure your next busy season doesn’t morph into a busy year and before you know it a busy life. Live your life, to the full, but don’t forget to let go of some of that busy.


What about you? What are you doing to make sure your busy seasons remain for just a season? I would love to hear from you, so leave me a comment below!!

Until next time,

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3 Reasons to Make “Space” in Your Life

Is your calendar jam-packed? What about your closet? Are your days filled to the brim leaving you tired and stressed out? Is your child’s play space stuffed with…well, stuff?

Space, both literal and figurative, can be hard to come by. Maybe we don’t see it as important. Perhaps we don’t think it is possible. But I believe space can and should be a part of life.

Today I am sharing 3 reasons to make “space” in your life.


You Can Rest

When you make space in your life, you can rest. Some might say rest is overrated. In this culture of go-go-go, rest can seem a bit unproductive. And I suppose it is; that’s the point.

For some, rest truly is a struggle, but a lot of good can come from rest. Our bodies heal, our minds stay sharp, our moods improve, and we have energy for whatever lies before us. When we rest we can do the things we need to do and do them well.


Space allows time for rest. When your schedule has space you can sit and rest. When your day isn’t crammed with activities from start to finish you can go to bed early and rest. A home with more space than stuff also allows opportunity for rest.

You Can Say “Yes”

I talk a lot about saying yes and saying no. Sometimes we have to say no in order to say yes. Some people say yes too often and burn themselves out. Some people say no too often and miss out on opportunities and life all around them. I believe the full life is about saying yes to your priorities and no to those things that simply clutter up your life. The beautiful thing about allowing for space in your life is that you can say yes when others have to say no.

I had a friend recently ask if I could help with watching her kids for a bit. I agreed. She then switched the time for when I would be watching them and asked if that was ok. I said that yes, the change in time also worked for me. She mentioned after that exchange that she thought I was one of the most flexible people she knows. I certainly think that I could be much more “flexible” in life, but I understood and appreciated what she was saying. The space in my life allowed me to say yes. I love being able to say yes to people especially when it is unexpected.

When your home has space (think less stuff), you can say yes to more time with your children. You can say yes to exploring the outside world because the inside (of your home) doesn’t need your constant attention.


You Can Appreciate More

If you have 50 shirts filling your closet you probably pull one out and think, “Where did this come from?” or, “I don’t even like this.”.  If you only have a dozen shirts in your closet, you can see and value each piece. You appreciate what you have because what you have is not being overwhelmed by all your other items.

The same is true in our daily lives. A day overstuffed with activities makes it hard to appreciate those 24 hours. You might be too busy running here and there to truly notice what you are doing and why you are doing it. Space in your day allows for appreciation. You can appreciate the people who are around you because you have time to be with them and cultivate relationships. You can appreciate the activities you choose to participate in because you aren’t worn down and stressed out by trying to do everything everyone tells you to do.



Making space is a simple concept, but perhaps not always an easy task. If you keep in mind some of the reasons for making space, you might be more encouraged and motivated to do it. Make some space in your life; I think you’ll be glad you did.

What about you? How are you making “space” in your life? I would love to hear from you, so leave a comment below!

Until next time,

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Why I Don’t Make Easter Baskets for My Children

I’ve been wanting to guest post on other blogs and websites, and I am so excited that I have been able to do that today.

My article Why I Don’t Make Easter Baskets for My Children was published by Her View From Home!!

Although I do share the reasons why I don’t make these baskets, there is a much deeper message found in my article. The message is one I strongly believe in.

“Hop” on over to Her View From Home & check out my article.

I would love to have you read it and leave me a comment there!! If the article speaks to you, then please share with others.

Many thanks.

Until next time,

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Doing But Not Overdoing


This life we live involves a lot of doing. We do for ourselves. We do for others. We do big, and we do small. Maybe I should be a little more specific.

Life involves making choices, serving people, tending to our homes, taking care of our bodies, having a job, solving problems, and making friends. In any given week we may find ourselves making an appointment, reading a book, cleaning a floor, washing the dishes, visiting a friend, attending a meeting, making a meal, folding laundry, taking a walk, and shopping for groceries. Most on this list are things we have to do; some are things we want to do. Life involves a lot doing (as it should), but sometimes we do and do and do until we overdo.

Doing can quickly lead to overdoing. We want to be involved in our community but end up signing up for one too many committees. Being involved in our children’s school and it’s programs is important to us, but then we over-commit. We want our child to be well-rounded, but then we find that every evening and most Saturdays are filled with time in the car racing here and there.

Sometimes we overdo because it’s all we know. Sometimes we overdo because it’s what everyone around is doing. Sometimes we don’t even know we’re overdoing because we can become so easily accustomed to living this way.

Signs You Might Be Overdoing

  • You’re tired. Do you get to the end of the day completely exhausted?
  • You’re cranky. Are you easily frustrated and quick to snap at those around you?
  • You keep getting sick. Have you found that you are getting sick more frequently?
  • You are easily bothered by requests from others. Does a simple request from a friend or acquaintance frustrate and annoy you?

You might be tired, cranky, sick, and bothered by requests for a number of different reasons, but if one or more of these things are happening (with frequency) there is a chance you are overdoing.

Doing But Not Overdoing

I will always encourage you to do. The not so busy life is not about being lazy or sitting back and watching life pass you by. It’s not about being self-centered, only caring about you and only you.

I will always encourage you to do, but I will not encourage you to overdo.  A life of overdoing gets messy and tiring. A life of overdoing is chaotic and crazy.

Let’s do this life…but let’s not overdo!

What about you? How have you kept your self from overdoing?

Until next time,


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