Not So Busy is Not So Popular (And I’m OK with That)

not so busy is not so popular

My blog went live just about a year ago. My thoughts and feelings about pursuing a full life without all the busy have been rolling around in my brain and heart for much longer than that. I did know and do know that perhaps the pursuit of the not so busy life is not as popular as another blog theme would be.

It’s true.

You see, if I called this blog The Very Busy Mom or The Life of the Busy Mom then I might get more readers and followers. The online world and the advertising world appeal to this idea of the busy mom all the time. It’s not uncommon to find articles and posts with titles similar to the following:

10 Cleaning Tips for the Busy Mom

5 Life Hacks for the Busy Mom

How the Busy Mom Can Make the Most of Her Day

Meal Ideas that will Inspire the Busy Mom

I know that posts like those attract many people. In fact, they probably attract many more people than my posts with titles such as:

5 Ways to Be Just a Little Less Busy This Week

A New Year, A New Not So Busy You

4 Traits of the Not So Busy Mom

My Problem with the Busy Mom

My posts are for the woman pursuing a life that’s not so busy. My posts are for the mom who desires to live with intention without getting caught up in the busy. My posts are for the person who is looking to live out her priorities on purpose and with purpose.

My posts might not be as popular. Not so busy is not so popular, and I’m okay with that.

A lot of times some of the most important and necessary ideas aren’t that popular. And because my desire for a life that’s just a little less busy is not as popular as the busy mom, well, it just gives me all the more opportunity for people to pause and consider a different way.


I hope that my readers find that I have something new and encouraging to say.

I hope that my readers hear a new voice with a challenging perspective.

I hope that my readers discover fresh words for the not so busy life.

Not so busy is not so popular (and I’m OK with that). I hope you are too!

What about you? Does the “not so busy life” appeal to you even if it’s not so popular? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Until next time,

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Author: Charissa

Welcome! I am so glad you are here! I'm Charissa, the Not So Busy Mom, wife and mother of 3. Join me as we pursue a full life without the busy.

18 thoughts on “Not So Busy is Not So Popular (And I’m OK with That)”

  1. I try to be less busy, but I’m naturally a hummingbird in a shoebox. I like your blog… It reminds me to be less busy sometimes.

    My blog isn’t super popular, either. It seems people don’t want “well rounded” … They want niche. Oh, well. I’ll keep being the WellRoundedMom.

    You keep doing you!

  2. Definitely living a not so busy life, though by most people’s standards I’m busy just because of the sheer number of people in the house (8 kids…) But we guard our time carefully and try not to get caught in the trap of doing things just because every one else is. Being proactive and purposeful with our time helps!I love how you mentioned having a full life without the busy. Great post, even if is not popular!

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