Got 15 Minutes? Kitchen Drawer Organization

Today I am continuing a series I began back in March called Got 15 minutes?. In this new series, I choose a trouble spot or an undesirable task and tackle it for 15 minutes. It’s surprising what you can accomplish in 15 minutes when you pick a task and stick to it!

Today I am sharing what I accomplished when I took 15 minutes to organize one of my kitchen drawers.




Before the 15 minutes the drawer was cluttered and disorganized, and I was ready to work on this neglected space. I set my timer for 15 minutes and attacked this small drawer.

What I Accomplished in 15 Minutes


  1. Emptied out the drawer
  2. Vacuumed inside the drawer
  3. Sorted through items that I removed
  4. Returned what I wanted back to the drawer
  5. Tossed out any broken items
  6. Set aside a few other (no longer need/want) items for donation




These aren’t earth-shattering results, but they do make me happy. A little less clutter and a little more organization is a good thing, and it was accomplished in 15 short minutes!

What about you? What area in your home could use your attention for 15 minutes? Share with me below!

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