Why (and How) I Wash My Hair Just 2 Times A Week


I didn’t wash my hair today…or yesterday. And I won’t be washing it tomorrow. I know. It might seem a bit odd, but I have found that I only need to wash my hair two times a week. It’s a simple way I make my life a little easier.

Today I want to share with you why and how I wash my hair just 2 times a week.

The Why

It makes my life just a little less busy. Instead of washing my hair 7 times a week I wash it 2 times. Instead of blow drying my hair 7 times a week I air dry it 2 times. Time that would be spent washing and drying my hair can be spent in other ways.

It keeps me from over-drying and over-styling my hair. My hair is in better condition than it would be if I washed and dried it 7 days a week. The two times a week I do wash it I find it to be quite smooth and manageable.

Each day my hair looks better than the day before. I know this might seem impossible, but it’s true. When I washed, blow dried and styled my hair each day it was a long process, and my hair always looked just okay. Now I find that Day 2 hair is better than Day 1 hair and Day 3 hair is better than Day 2 hair and so on. Yes, this positive trend does eventually end, but I can honestly say I have even gone a whole week without washing my hair, and it still looked (and smelled) good!


The How

The Products

Shampoo. I use Pantene Pro-V Smooth & Sleek with Argan Oil. I have used a variety of shampoos over the years; I like to change it up.

Hair Styling Creme. I picked up Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 BB Creme a number of months ago because it was on clearance. This product leaves my hair super smooth. I air dry for a bit, add the cream and let it finish drying.
Flat Iron. I’ve owned the Nume flat iron for about 6 months or so. It doesn’t seem to get great reviews on Amazon, but I have been very happy with it. I previously owned the CHI brand. I was also pleased with the way it worked on my hair. I use my flat iron to add curl and waves to my hair more than I use it to straighten.
Dry Shampoo. It’s hard to wash your hair just 2 times a week without dry shampoo. I am a huge fan. Right now I am using Loreal Blow Dry It Blow Out Longwear Spray, but I have also used and liked many other brands.

Finishing Product. When I purchased my NUME flat iron I also received this Argan Oil , so I have been using it after styling my hair and for refreshing it on subsequent days.

The Process
  • Day 1. Wash hair and air dry. Pull back in ponytail if necessary.
  • Day 2. Straighten hair or pull it back.
  • Day 3. Add body to hair by using flat iron to make curls or waves in hair. Use dry shampoo if necessary.
  • Day 4. Comb out hair a bit. Use dry shampoo and a little argan oil to revive hair. Wash hair that evening.

(This is not a rigid process. I wanted to give you a basic example of how I handle my hair over the course of 4 days.)

Even though I am not washing my hair each day I am showering! A ponytail and a shower cap do the trick!

Some Pictures


A couple side notes

This might not be a good option for you if:

  • You do a hard core work out every morning. (Although I will say, you probably could get away with a little dry shampoo and a wash every other day.)
  • You have short hair. I find the longer my hair the better this technique works.
  • You are grossed out by not washing your hair every day!

I would still challenge you to give this method a try even if you fall into one of the categories listed above. Maybe it won’t be the best option, but you won’t know unless you experiment a bit. I have not been doing this forever. I have slowly eased into 2 times a week washing with great results.

What about you? Do you wash your hair every day?

Until next time,


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Quick Tip: Grocery Shop Once a Week to Save Time & Money


Looking to save time & money?

Then I have a quick tip for you: grocery shop once a week!

A typical scene at the grocery store when I am checking out goes a little something like this: I pull up to the check out line with a cart full of groceries, a man with 3 items in his hands steps behind me, takes a glance at my cart with wide eyes and quickly dashes to the nearest available line.

I often feel like I’m the only one in the store with more than a dozen items in my cart. Everyone around me has just a few items in their basket. This leads me to believe that many people are shopping more than once a week. (Or maybe they are simply living off bread, ice cream and orange juice.)

Shopping once a week takes planning and (obviously) takes time, but it also saves money and time.

One weekly trip to and from the store for a 45 minute to 1 hour shopping trip is a better use of your time than multiple trips to the store for 10 to 15 minutes.

One weekly trip to the store keeps you focused and prevents impulse buys and extra unnecessary spending.

Grocery shop once a week, save time and money and make your life just a little less busy.

Extra tips

If you want to shop just once a week there are 2 things you will need to help you accomplish this goal.

  • You will need a meal plan. Read about 5 reasons to meal plan here.
  • You will need a grocery list. Learn how to organize your grocery list by categories here.

Need some simple meal ideas? Check out this post.

What about you? How many times do you grocery shop each week?

Until next time,


For more quick tips, read here.



5 Ways to Encourage a Friend



Is there a friend in your life who could use a little (or a lot) of encouragement? Life is full of ups and downs, highs and lows. Sometimes it’s easy to be a friend through the ups and the highs, but we might struggle to reach out through the downs and the lows. Do you have a friend who is hurting? grieving? struggling? Maybe you have a friend who is overwhelmed with a toddler and a new baby. Perhaps you have a friend who is discouraged by a recent setback. Whatever the circumstance, find a way to encourage your friend. Need an idea or two?

Today I am sharing 5 ways to encourage a friend.

Text (or call).

I’m sure you know your friend well enough to know if a text or a call is most convenient for them. A friend with many young children probably appreciates a text message. A single friend who just had surgery might prefer a call. Whether you choose to text or call doesn’t really matter. Taking the time to send a message of encouragement is what’s really important. Text them a joke. Write out a prayer. Call and be a listening ear. The moment you feel prompted to send a text or make a call, do it. Your friend (and you) will be happy you did!

Send a note.

I know, I know, a note??  Isn’t that so much work and didn’t I just say you could call or text. Yes, a text or a call are great options. A note or letter is the unexpected choice. How fun to receive mail that isn’t a bill or an advertisement! Run to your nearest Dollar Tree and buy a pack of beautiful note cards for (suprise!) a dollar and send your friend a word of encouragement. Notes and letters don’t have to be a thing of the past. Encourage a friend this week with a simple but meaningful note.

Make a meal.

Making dinner tonight? Why not make a double batch and drop the extras at your friend’s home? The meal does not have to be extravagant or expensive. Keep it simple. You might even choose to order a pizza or some other take-out option. If making a meal doesn’t work, consider baking cookies or muffins. Bringing a food item or meal to a friend lets them know you are thinking of them in a very practical way.

Give a gift.

A small gift given at a time other than a birthday or celebration is a great way to encourage a friend. A small plant, a favorite magazine, a fragrant candle or  even a cup of coffee from the local cafe are just a few simple gift ideas. If a friend is sick with a cold you could put together a little “get well” basket with items like tissues, cough drops and chapstick. A small, thoughtful gift can quickly brighten the day!


Encourage a friend with time, specifically your time. You might be tempted to say, “I’m just too busy!”, but I won’t allow you to say that. Just kidding! You can say that, but I would encourage you to make space in your day and week for a friend. Giving of our time and energy is a sacrifice, but it’s a beautiful act of love. Make time for a friend this week, and see what it does for her (and you).

I hope that something on this list inspires you to be an encouraging friend. It’s something I want to work on in my own life. I want to be an encourager. I want to push aside the busy and see my friends, be there for my friends, encourage my friends. Let’s all make a little time to encourage a friend today!

What about you? How do you encourage your friends? How have you been encouraged?

Until next time,


My Top 4 Reads of 2016


Did you find time to read in 2016? I hope you made time for a good book or 2 or 20 this year! Reading is a great way to slow down and recharge. I tend to read a mixture of non-fiction and fiction, and so I wanted to share my top 4 reads of 2016, 2 non-fiction and 2 fiction.


Breaking Busy by Ali Worthington. This title jumped out at me right away when I heard Crystal Paine aka Money Saving Mom recommend it. I was so excited to find and read a book that spoke to so much of what I have been thinking about (for such a long time) and now writing about here on my blog. The tag line for the book is: “How to Find Peace and Purpose in a World of Crazy”, and Worthington does a beautiful job of encouraging and inspiring as she shares her own journey of breaking busy. Even as I type this review I am thinking I will be reading this book again in 2017.

The More of Less by Joshua Becker. I first heard about Joshua Becker while listening to an interview with him on The Simple Show podcast. I was intrigued by his story and ideas and soon after borrowed his book from a friend. Becker writes at becomingminimalist.com and in this book he shares his family’s journey to minimalism and ways that all of us can get more out of life by having less. Like Breaking Busy, The More of Less is really about intentional living, so it appealed to me right away.


Dear Mr. Knightly by Katherine Reay. This was another recommendation from Money Saving Mom. (Crystal Paine is often my go-to for book suggestions.) I love a good story that quickly draws me in and has a likeable main character. Dear Mr. Knightly is just this kind of story! I liked this story so much I read another, Lizzy and Jane, by the author soon after finishing Dear Mr. Knightly. I am already planning to read more from Reay in 2017.


Amy Snow by Tracy Rees. This book was a recommendation from Jennifer L. Scott of The Daily Connoisseur. She explained the plot as a treasure hunt, of sorts, and I was intrigued by her description of and excitement about the story. The book is a lengthy 576 pages, but I thoroughly enjoyed every one of these pages as I followed Amy Snow’s journey across Victorian England.


What about you? Do you enjoy non-fiction or fiction? What were some of your top reads in 2016?

Until next time,


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Keep It the Same to Keep It Simple


They say, “Variety is the spice of life.” And yes, I can agree, taking chances, making changes, and trying new things can be a very good thing, but I also strongly believe that keeping things the same is a good thing. In fact, I think that keeping it the same is a great way to keep it simple.

Consider a few areas in your life where you might keep it the same to keep it simple.


Almost every day I eat a salad for lunch. I shared this little tidbit in a previous post called  7 things I do to make my life a little easier. Instead of staring into the fridge or rifling through the cupboards, I get out my salad greens and various toppings to create my tasty lunch salad. Boring? Not to me. Simple? For sure!


When it comes to my kids’ school lunches I also keep it the same. Their lunch containers have handy dividers that help me pack with a consistent system: a waffle or bagel sandwich in one, fruit in another and veggies in the third. Throw in a water bottle and a bonus item, and there you have it! A simple lunch is complete! I don’t have to try to overthink school lunches each day. I keep it the same to keep it simple.


Have you ever heard of the 10 item wardrobe? It’s essentially a seasonal wardrobe consisting of 10 key items paired with a few extras. It’s a popular minimalist approach to clothing. Why is this approach so appealing? It simplifies things. You have a small assortment of items that fit well and make you feel good. No more standing in front of an over-stuffed closet for the better half of the morning (while still) complaining that you have nothing to wear. No more ill-fitting clothes that remain in your wardrobe “just in case”.

Although I don’t have a 10 item wardrobe I have been trying to be more intentional about what items I add to my closet. I have also been quick to remove items that don’t look good or ones I no longer wear. A more minimalist closet is a type of “keeping it the same”. If you know that a certain style of jeans look good on you then get rid of the other styles. Keep it the same. If you love to wear t-shirts and cardigans then get rid of the button downs that are shoved in the back of your closet. Keep it the same. If you have 30 pairs of shoes but consistently wear the same 3 then get rid of the other 27. Keep it the same.

Daily Routines

Daily routines seem to be the most basic way you can keep it the same to keep it simple. I’m a big fan of routines. Routines are not as rigid as schedules, in my opinion, but they do provide a rhythm to your day. Do you have a morning routine? An after school routine? An evening routine? In my last post I shared 5 tasks to do before bedtime to prepare for the next day; those tasks are basically an evening routine. Doing them each evening is keeping it the same. If you have not implemented some general routines into your schedule, taking one part of the day and choosing 3-5 things you do each day around that time might be the perfect place and way to start! A routine is a way to keep it the same. Keeping it the same is a great way to keep it simple!

These are just 3 areas in your life where you might begin thinking about keeping it the same. Keeping it the same keeps things simple. And keeping things simple is just one of the many ways to make your life just a little less busy.

What about you? In what areas of your life are you keeping it the same to keep it simple?

Until next time,


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5 Tasks to Do Before Bedtime to Prepare for the Next Day


Looking to make your mornings not so busy? Well, one of the best ways to improve your mornings is to improve your evenings. The things you do before bedtime can positively affect your morning mood and decrease the stress that often comes at the start of each day. Today I am sharing 5 tasks to do before bedtime to prepare for the next day!

1. Do a quick pick-up of common areas.

Take 10-15 minutes to clear counters, load and run the dishwasher, put away toys, straighten couch pillows and blankets and return stray items to their rightful homes. This task can take even less time (or you could accomplish even more in the same amount of time) if you invite all family members to participate. Waking to tidy spaces is a pleasant way to start the day.

2. Choose your clothes for the next day.

Taking just a few minutes to browse your closet for the next’s days outfit is a super simple way to save time and stress in the morning. Children should also pick the next day’s clothes (or you choose for younger children). You’ll see just how much you enjoy having clothes ready for your whole family the evening before; it’s so nice to have those decisions made ahead of time.

3. Pack your lunch(es).

This can be a task that seems simple enough to do in the morning, but it’s even more simple to complete the night before. If you work outside the home and need to bring a lunch, pack it before cleaning up the kitchen. If your children bring lunches, pack for them or (if they are older) let them put together a lunch before heading to bed. It’s one of those tasks you might dread, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how quickly you can complete it when focused.

4. Create your to-do list.

Now that the day is done, you can take a few minutes to consider the next day ahead of you. Look at your calendar, glance at the current day’s to-dos (what did you accomplish and what still needs to be done?), and jot a quick list for the next day. It’s good to write it down and head to bed with a clearer mind.

5. Gather items by the door.

Purses, shoes, backpacks, jackets, library books, projects, band instruments, sport equipment, etc. should all be gathered near the door. Instead of running around in the morning yelling, “Grab your shoes!”, “Where are the library books?”, or “Have you seen my purse?”, gather all those items the prior evening, and save yourself the hassle of last minutes scrambles.

Can these tasks be completed each morning? Sure! And there are certainly mornings when I do 1 or all of these things, but let me tell you that those mornings are CRAZY!! If I can complete these 5 tasks each night then my mornings usually run smoothly, and my mood is quite pleasant. Things go well, I feel good, and those feelings are contagious and spread to my children. I encourage you to make your mornings not so busy by completing these 5 tasks (or even just 1) each evening. I think you’ll notice some welcome changes to your everyday mornings.

What about you? What do you do to prepare for the next day?

Until next time,