Quick Tip: Make School Lunches While You Cook Dinner

My children bring their lunches to school almost every day. It has generally been a part of our evening routine, but as this new school year began, I decided to start making lunches earlier than normal.

Quick Tip_Make School LunchesWhile You Cook Dinner

I used to make their lunches some time after dinner, but I found that I dreaded the task. The hours would pass, and I would put it off, sometimes doing it right before heading to bed. I wasn’t liking this timing for a number of reasons, so I started considering new options. I ended up discovering that making their lunches while cooking dinner was the simple solution!


I’m already in the kitchen making a mess while meal-prepping and cooking, so making school lunches at the same time seems to be a seamless addition. I am loving this new routine!

No more dreading the task. No more late night food prep. Instead, the lunches are packed and ready to go before we eat dinner! It’s a simple solution that has made a big difference in my afternoon and evening routines.

What about you? When do you make school lunches? Share your routine below!

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2 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Make School Lunches While You Cook Dinner”

  1. Great tip! I too used to put this off, too. Even though my kids are homeschooled, they attend weekly classes at their charter school. They usually bring a lunch. The morning scramble to get ready and pack a lunch was overwhelming at times.

    1. I would sometimes put this task off until the morning, and it made for such a headache. Getting it done the night before, and now, getting it done while I make dinner has been such a lifesaver.

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