Dollar Tree DIYs

The Dollar Tree is the perfect place to find the inspiration and items to complete your DIYs.


Every time I post a DIY project I will always begin by saying that I am not crafty. I struggle in this department. I struggle, and yet, I want to get better, so I keep going. Thanks for putting up with this beginner!

My first DIY is not an original idea. I saw this one on a YouTube tutorial and was inspired to give it a try.

$4 Dollar Tree DIY, decorative plate


  • small glass plate (usually found in the candle section)
  • tissue paper
  • Mod Podge (they do sell this at the Dollar Tree)
  • foam brush


The Process:

Cover backside of plate with a layer of Mod Podge. (I originally used a small paint brush found in a water color kit. That didn’t go so well, so my husband found me a foam brush at the Dollar Tree.)

Lay tissue paper on the backside of plate that has the Mod Podge.

Brush tissue paper with a layer of Mod Podge.


Allow Mod Podge to dry over night.

Cut off excess tissue paper.

These are great to use on your bathroom vanity to display makeup or facial products. You can use them on your nightstand or dresser to corral your most-used jewelry. You can place a candle or plant on top of them, too. My daughter even made one for her room!








$6 Dollar Tree DIY, mini bulletin board


  • 8×10 frame
  • pom poms
  • burlap
  • ribbon
  • baker’s twine
  • miniature clothes pins
  • hot glue gun (I didn’t purchase this at the Dollar Tree.)


The Process:

Take apart the frame removing the glass.


Wrap burlap around the cardboard frame backing securing with glue.


Cover seams with ribbon.


Glue pom poms to frame.


Put the burlap covered cardboard back inside frame securing with tabs.

Use small dabs of glue to secure baker’s twine to edges of frame.

Clip clothes pin to the baker’s twin.


The result is not perfect, but it’s super cute for my kids’ room.

Next time you are at the Dollar Tree keep your eye out for items you can use for a fun and creative DIY. Don’t be afraid to experiment a bit.

What about you? Have you completed any DIYs recently? Share in the comments; I would love to hear from you!

Until next time,


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$3 DIY: Decorative Tray

photo-6Okay, if I’m being honest (and I always want to be honest), this is really a $2.50 DIY. But how eye-catching would a “$2.50 DIY” title be? Not very eye-catching, in my opinion.

I am loving this DIY. It’s even more simple than my first or second DIYs. I will share once again that I am not very crafty, but I do enjoy a very simple (and I’m talking very simple), inexpensive DIY. That’s what I have for you today!

Where did I shop and what did I get?

For this DIY I stopped at my favorite store for DIYs, the Dollar Tree!! I picked up an 8×10 black frame.


Then I picked up a place mat for $1.50 from the Christmas Tree Shop. I love the colors and texture!


What did I do?

I took out the innards of the frame. Cut the mat to fit and placed it inside the frame. Then I replaced the frame’s backing. Voila! It’s so simple, so cute and functional. I am using this tray on my nightstand. What do you think?



I did buy an additional frame and place mat just so you could see how different each tray can be. I styled this one in a variety of ways.




It might be fun to find a mat, wrapping paper, or burlap and create a festive theme for this season. The options are endless, and I like the fact that I can swap out the mat whenever I like. I also like the fact that this DIY cost me just $3 (or $2.50)!

What about you? Have you created any fun DIYs recently?

Until next time,


$2 DIY: Faux Succulent

I’m back with another DIY. I mentioned in my previous DIY post that I am not much of a DIYer. That is still true, but it hasn’t kept me from trying (very simply) to create nice items for a small cost. Dollar Tree is almost always my go-to when I am trying to keep the cost down.

At a recent trip to the Dollar Tree I found a faux succulent. I have purchased a couple of these in the past and found another after a few months of not finding any in the store.


The white has a nice clean look to it and is a complete upgrade from the ugly brown containers they previously sold, but I was leaning towards a different look.

My answer to change the look of the container? Duct tape! Do you sense a trend? I used duct tape in my previous DIY, too. I found a very cool duct tape design and thought it would be perfect for this project.


The tape totally caught my eye with its basket weave/burlap look. It’s so fun to find so many unique duct tape designs at the Dolllar Tree.

I cut pieces of the tape and carefully placed them around the sides of the white container. There was some overlap, but I worked slowly and smoothed corners and edges.

The end result was not perfect (but I’m not going for perfect). I was happy with the final result.


What about you? Have you attempted any DIY projects recently?

Until next time,


DIY Mirror for $2!!

I am not a DIYer. I repeat, I am not a DIYer. I am not crafty. I am not artsy. I want to be better in this area, so I am taking some baby steps in that direction. Below I am sharing a DIY mirror I created for $2 with two items I purchased at the Dollar Tree.

I was looking for a small mirror for my daughter’s room, but I was not looking to spend a lot of money. I decided to check out my favorite place to shop when I’m looking to save money, the Dollar Tree!!

I purchased a mirror. It was a boring mirror. Yawn.


photo 1

I also purchased duct tape. It was interesting and original duct tape. Yay!

photo 2

Together these two inexpensive items made a cute mirror for my daughter’s room. She is more than pleased with her very own mirror. I am pretty satisfied with my first DIY.

photo 4                  photo 3

What about you? Do you DIY? Anyone else DIY-challenged?

Until next time,