Satisfied with What I Have


I think sometimes our busyness comes from a lack of satisfaction. We look around our living room (after looking at a bunch of living rooms in a fancy magazine or online), and we feel like it’s just not right. Our coffee table is scratched. We don’t have trendy pillow covers, and our rug has one stain too many. We feel the need for more, for something better. We spend a lot of time on the hunt for more. We busy ourselves with creating the perfect space.

Maybe it’s a different area of your life. Maybe you’re not satisfied with your activities’ calendar. Everyone else’s life looks like they are involved in so many great things…and they’re happy. You end up filling your weeks (and your child’s weeks) with non-stop activity in the hopes of filling that dissatisfied ache. You weren’t satisfied, you got busy, and wait, you’re still not content.

What if you started looking around your life, looking around your home, looking at the people in your life? What if you started looking around at all these things with a thankful heart, with a heart that is satisfied with what is before you?

Sometimes, at night, right before I go to bed (when the lighting is right and the main rooms of my house are tidy), I smile big. I’m so happy and thankful…satisfied. Later, just 12 hours later, my people are up and those same rooms, that same house looks, well, it doesn’t look as neat and tidy and lovely as it did the night before. I become a little grumpy, a little discontent…a little dissatisfied. If only my living room was a little larger, my rug a little newer, my kids a little less messy. How quickly our view point can change. How easily we can allow our thoughts and hearts to move us to that place of discontentment and dissatisfaction.

At this point in the year we take intentional time to pause and be thankful. Are you satisfied with what you have right now? Can you rest (and be just a little less busy) knowing that there are so many amazing gifts all around you? Can you be thankful for what you have and let go of the (often present) need for more?

May this Thanksgiving find you with a heart of gratitude, a heart that is satisfied with where you are and what you have.


What about you? Are you satisfied and thankful this season?

Until next time,


Gift Guide: 5 Ideas for Her for Under $50

I am not someone who loves to rush any of the holidays, but I am someone who likes to plan head. Gift buying is one area in which you can plan ahead this Christmas season. I love reading gift idea guides, so I decided to create one of my own. Are you searching for a gift for your mom, your daughter, niece or best friend? Take a look at my 5 gift ideas for under $50!

1. Vera Bradley Triple-Zip Hipster Cross-Body Bag. I own a Vera bag right now, but I have been eyeing the triple-zip hipster. There are so many great designs, and not all are under $50, but this fun one is currently $37.99 + shipping.

2. A warm, comfortable blanket. I have a number of blankets in my home, but my favorite is at the end of my bed. I found so many different options when searching for ideas for all of you. Consider a fun color that might brighten a room….or a mood!

3. A cozy scarf. Scarves are pretty and practical, so they make a great gift idea. I purchased this scarf as a gift for a family member last year. The color options are endless and the price is right. I might just have to pick one up for me!4. An electric tea kettle. Tea is one of my favorite things in the world. I love boiling my tea water in my electric kettle; it’s fast and hot! I have had my electric kettle forever, but it is not as pretty as what I found for you. This $39.88 electric tea kettle has great reviews.

5. A good book. I love a good book. I have read many good books over the last year including this one. Do you have a reader on your list? Consider purchasing this book for her. I loved it, and I think she might, too.

I hope you are inspired to begin hunting for gifts, and I hope this post has given you an idea or two. Online shopping makes the process that much easier. So, plan ahead, consult my gift guide, and check off a person or 2 on your gift-giving list!

What about you? Have you started your Christmas shopping? Any good finds for under $50?

Until next time,


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5 Things I am Loving this Fall Season

Last week I shared a photo taken during a recent walk. I love walking during the fall and enjoying the cooler weather and beautiful colors. Fall is my favorite time of the year, and today I wanted to share 5 things I am loving this season.fall

    1. Fitness with a Friend. Walking is my favorite form of exercise, but this fall season a friend and I decided to branch out a bit by signing up for a fitness class. We are taking a barre class once a week with a group of about 10 other women. I am loving the challenge this class provides and the added bonus of time with a dear friend.
    2. Food. Pumpkin is the flavor of the season, am I right? I like to think that I was a fan of pumpkin before pumpkin became trendy. Pumpkin, you and I go waaaayyy back! Two of my favorite things to make with pumpkin are: pumpkin soup and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. I will share my pumpkin soup recipe soon. My favorite brand of pumpkin to use when making these recipes is Libby’s 100% Pure Pumpkin.

3. Fireside. We almost exclusively heat our small home with our wood stove. I love the heat it provides and the added bonus is the inviting ambience that is created by the crackling glow of the warm fire.

4. Fashion. One of my favorite fall fashion items is my GAP jean jacket. I’ve wanted a GAP jean jacket for a very long time, but the frugal side of me held back knowing it was more of a want than a need. A couple years ago I stumbled upon a GAP jean jacket on ThredUp. I was thrilled by the price and the quality. I love this jacket because of its versatility and comfort. I wear it with colored jeans, leggings and dresses; it always adds to my outfit when I can’t quite figure out what to add. I think I love this jacket even more because I didn’t just jump to an impulse buy. I knew I wanted it, but I waited and considered and waited until I finally found it on ThredUp. ThredUp is an online store that sells gently used clothing for women and kids. I have purchased over a dozen items from ThredUp in the past few years. If you purchase through my link you receive $10 off your first order (and I receive $10, too). Check it out!

5. Foliage. As I mentioned at the start of this post, I love walking in the fall and enjoying the sites. I also enjoy sitting at my table with a warm cup of tea and staring out the window at all the vibrant colors. Fall provides such a beautiful backdrop for my not so busy life!


What about you? What are you loving this fall season?

Until next time,


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My Photo of the Week


I couldn’t help but snap a bunch of photos the other day including this one. One of my favorite walks in the fall goes right by a beautiful river which is surrounded by colorful trees. I, like many, love this season for so many reasons including the cooler weather and vibrant colors. Next week I will be sharing some of the things I am loving this fall, so stay tuned for that!

Quick Tip: Organize your Grocery List by Categories


I have found that if I organize my grocery list by categories I have an easier time remembering all that I want to include on my list, and the process of creating the list is quite simple and quick. The categories which help me when creating my list are: breakfast, lunch, dinner, veggies, fruits, drinks, snacks, and other. You know I’m a meal planner, so I also include my list of meals for the week at the bottom of my list. I like to write my list on a large piece of paper and try to keep it neat.

I am able to look at a category, like “breakfast”, and think through what we want to eat for breakfast that week. I list those items, and then move to the next category. I come to the end of the list and know that it is complete because I have an orderly way to accomplish this weekly task.

What about you? Do you use a grocery list?

Until next time,


The 1 Question that has Helped me Become Less of a Procrastinator


I have struggled with procrastination for many years. I can’t say that I procrastinate in all areas of life, but I do find that if I am feeling a bit overwhelmed or anxious about a task I don’t jump to complete it quickly. I want to break free from this tendency, so I have started asking myself one simple question that has helped me become less of a procrastinator. The simple question I ask is: “Will this task be easier 1 day/1 week/1 month from now?”

If I have to make a doctor’s appointment (and let me tell you, I hate to make phone calls) I ask myself, “Will this phone call be any easier a day from now?” If I have to complete paperwork I ask myself, “Will completing these forms be any easier a week from now?” If I have to clean out and organize my closet I ask, “Will this project be any easier a month from now?”

And you guessed it, the answer to this very simple question is almost always, “No!” No, waiting a day to make a phone call will not make it any easier. No, letting the paperwork sit one more week will not make it any easier. No, ignoring a messy closet for a month will not make cleaning it any easier.

When I ask myself this simple question and (always) arrive at a “no”, it pushes me to move forward with whatever (sometimes dreaded) task is before me. This is not an earth-shattering solution to the common problem of procrastination, but I have found it to be a help to me. I hope it can be a help to you, too!

What about you? Are you a procrastinator? Have you found ways to be less of a procrastinator?

Until next time,