Would You Buy A Mattress Online? I Did! (And I’m Sharing the Details Today)

Would You Buy A Mattress Online___I did!!

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It’s no secret that I am a fan of online shopping. I find it to be a simple way to make my life just a little easier. I do a majority of my grocery shopping online, and I tend to do much of my household product and gift-buying there, as well. I am guessing you probably do a little of the same. But what about shopping for a mattress online? That sort of sounds like a bit of a stretch for some, but for me, it seemed like the right option.

I have actually never tried out a mattress before buying it. My parents chose my mattresses as a child. When I was in college, it was provided for me. Post-college, my roommate purchased a mattress for me. My husband picked out our current mattress.

Perhaps it’s because of my past experiences that I wasn’t scared away by the idea of purchasing a mattress online. All 3 of my kids were in need of a mattress. My youngest was moving out of her toddler bed, my oldest had been sleeping on my old mattress, and my middle child was sleeping on a horribly uncomfortable mattress.

Replacing 3 mattresses seemed like an overwhelming task because of the money that would be spent to make that happen, but then I started looking online. One of my first options was Amazon.

I really wasn’t looking to spend much money, so I looked for the most inexpensive twin mattress with great reviews. An option from Linenspa popped up, and I loved what I was reading in the reviews. I also really loved the cost at $99.99.

We decided to just purchase one and see what we thought. Here’s what it  looked like upon arrival!


Unwrapping and allowing the mattress to breath for a few hours was an exciting event for my children. It really only took a few minutes for the mattress to come to size, but the packaging does say it can take up to a few hours.




We all tested the mattress even before it went on my daughter’s bed, and we were all very impressed with the comfort of this inner spring/memory foam design.

2 weeks later I noticed that this mattress dropped to $89.99 and we just knew we needed to purchase 2 more.

The mattress is still a winner in our books. My husband is quite particular about mattresses, and even he says it’s quite comfortable.

This might be our pick (in a queen size) when it comes time for my husband and I to update our own mattress.

I was so very pleased with our experience buying a mattress (make that 3 mattresses) online. I realize this might not be for everyone, but if you’re inclined to buy items (even big purchases) online, then I would completely recommend this one.

I suppose only time will tell how long this holds up, and if we will continue to love it, but I do know they have a 10 year warranty.


A comfortable twin mattress for just $89.99 shipped to my door?! Yes, please!!

What about you? Would you buy a mattress online? What unexpected item have you successfully purchased online? I would love to hear from you, so drop me a comment below.

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A Red, White & Blue Celebration for Less

If you have followed my blog for even a short amount of time then you are aware that I am a big Dollar Tree fan. The Dollar Tree is definitely my go-to-spot for birthday party supplies. If you are planning any sort of party or event it really is a great money-saving option. With Memorial Day and 4th of July right around the corner, the Dollar Tree’s patriotic party supplies are a great choice for your own red, white and blue celebration!


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Here are some of the patriotic party supplies you can find at your local Dollar Tree:


You can quickly and affordably decorate any space with wall decorations, table centerpieces, banners, balloons, pinwheels, decorative bows, LED lights, and so much more. It only takes a few items at a great price to bring some festive red, white and blue to your party space.


Paper Goods

You can find any and all paper goods needed to serve up tasty treats for your guests. You can mix up the red, white and blue or choose from various patterned prints. At the Dollar Tree you can find: napkins, cups, plates, bowls, silver ware and more. You can’t beat $1 when it comes to getting your red, white and blue party goods.


How fun to be able to wear patriotic flip flops as you host your party! You can even pass out a few wearable goodies to your party guests including: sunglasses, bandanas, leis, headbands, hats and more.


If you can’t find what you are looking for in your local store, check online!! You can even choose to have the items shipped free to your store.

Throwing a party or hosting a get-together can be done easily without too much hassle or money. All it takes is a quick trip to the Dollar Tree, and you’ll be on your way to hosting your red, white and blue celebration!

What about you? What party supplies do you like to get from the Dollar Tree? I would love to hear from you, so leave me a comment below.

Until next time,

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