Got 15 Minutes? Kitchen Drawer Organization

Today I am continuing a series I began back in March called Got 15 minutes?. In this new series, I choose a trouble spot or an undesirable task and tackle it for 15 minutes. It’s surprising what you can accomplish in 15 minutes when you pick a task and stick to it!

Today I am sharing what I accomplished when I took 15 minutes to organize one of my kitchen drawers.




Before the 15 minutes the drawer was cluttered and disorganized, and I was ready to work on this neglected space. I set my timer for 15 minutes and attacked this small drawer.

What I Accomplished in 15 Minutes


  1. Emptied out the drawer
  2. Vacuumed inside the drawer
  3. Sorted through items that I removed
  4. Returned what I wanted back to the drawer
  5. Tossed out any broken items
  6. Set aside a few other (no longer need/want) items for donation




These aren’t earth-shattering results, but they do make me happy. A little less clutter and a little more organization is a good thing, and it was accomplished in 15 short minutes!

What about you? What area in your home could use your attention for 15 minutes? Share with me below!

Until next time,

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Got 15 Minutes? Bedroom Closet Organization


I find I have this terrible habit of dreading tasks, so I wrote about this problem and a simple solution in a prior post. I have also found that it takes more time to dread and huff and puff about a task than it actually takes me to complete the task.

I am trying to be better about diving into various areas of my home that need attention and working for just fifteen minutes to see how much I can accomplish in that short amount of time. It is surprising how much can be done in a focused amount of time.

Today begins post 1 in a series called Got 15 Minutes?.

We live in a small home with small closets that can quickly become a bit disorderly, so my bedroom closet was the perfect spot to start my Got 15 Minutes? series.

The Bedroom Closet

Yesterday I put on some music, set my timer for 15 minutes and tackled my bedroom closet.

These were the 4 tasks I was able to accomplish in 15 minutes:

  1. I pulled out unwanted clothing. I quickly looked at everything hanging in my closet and pulled out items that I no longer was wearing including items that: didn’t fit well, were damaged in some way or I just didn’t like.


  1. I reorganized hanging items by category. I took a few minutes to make sure like-items were hanging together. I put pants in one section, skirts in another, long sleeved shirts and then short sleeved shirts, etc. I know I don’t always keep things this orderly all the time, but it’s nice to “reset” when I can.
  2. I removed any items that did not belong in my closet. Why is my closet the catch-all? It seems that so many random items end up in the bottom of my closet. I took some time to pull out those items that should be living in another “home”.


  1. I organized my folded sweaters. I keep my sweaters in a wire basket on my top shelf. I pulled all of them out, got rid of a couple unwanted ones, refolded the keepers and placed them back in the basket.

When the timer went off I was pleased with all the progress I made in a short amount of time. My closet was cleaner and more organized than it had been 15 minutes ago!

IMG_2812(My closet is not large or fancy, but it does the job & it does the job even better when I keep it clean & organized!)

Another 15 Minutes

I was actually so pleased with the progress I made that I decided to set the timer for another 15 minutes and see if I could bring even more order to my space. Another 15 minutes later, and I was smiling with satisfaction.

I’m so glad I stopped dreading this task and took some time yesterday to work on a needy space in my home.

What about you? What space can you tackle for 15 minutes today? I would love to hear from you, so leave me a comment below!

Until next time,


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