5 Reasons You Might Be Busy

How often have you heard someone say (and that someone might be you), “Everyone is just so busy!” or “We’re all just busy people!”? I know I certainly hear it all the time. Busy has almost become a buzz word of sorts. But why all the busy? Is this just a reality of the world we live in? Can we truly be “not so busy” in this day and age? Why are we busy people in a busy world?

I think the answers to these questions are multilayered, but I also think there are some very basic reasons someone might be busy.

Today I am sharing 5 reasons you might be busy.


1. You like to go, go, go.

I have heard plenty of people say, “I like to keep busy!”. Some people love to be involved in a wide variety of activities and enjoy attending numerous events. Many people love to get involved and get their children involved in as much as they can. I don’t know that a “keeping busy” lifestyle is all bad (and I’m not going to say it’s all good), but I do think that there is a place to check this tendency because it could mean that…

2. You are afraid of the silence.

This might be the hardest reason of all 5 to write about. We are not people who like silence. In silence we are left alone with our own thoughts. In silence we have to face the truth. Some of us don’t want to think about our purpose in life or even our purpose in a given day. Many of us are running from pain and anxiety, so we fill up our days with a bunch of to-do lists in the hopes of escaping the silence.

3. You have a hard time saying no.

If you struggle with saying no (and this is a struggle of mine) than you will quickly find yourself being busy in a wide variety of areas. It can be hard to say no because we feel like we are going to disappoint or hurt someone. We want to please those around us, so we say yes without much consideration of our priorities. Saying yes when we should be saying no can lead to a very busy life.

4. Everyone around you is busy.

I believe busy is contagious. If everyone around you is busy or you perceive that everyone around you is busy than you might be tempted to jump on the busy train. If all the moms around you are talking about everything their children are participating in then you may feel that signing up for the same activities is just what you’ll have to do. You see the busy life of those around you and you, too, join in on it.

5. You don’t believe there is any other way.

If busy is what you see and busy is what you know than you might believe there is no other way. You might believe that busy is just the “name of the game”. You might think that in order to get through this thing called motherhood than you need to be busy and just be okay with that. You believe that “busy mom” is the title you will carry for years to come. It’s inevitable, and you just go with it. You believe there is no other way, and so you are busy.


Today’s post is not a post of solutions. You will find plenty of inspiration, ideas and encouragement in previous (and upcoming) posts, but I did want today’s post to prompt reflection in my readers. If you find yourself always busy, take some time to consider why. Read through this list and see if one of the reasons jumps out at you. If you’re hoping to make a change, read through my previous posts and stick around for more!

What about you? Do you know why you might be busy? I would love to hear your thoughts, so drop me a comment below!

Until next time,

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  1. Yep…all of these resonate with me. Just never looked at it holistically so this post was a good read from that perspective. Thanks for sharing ?

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